A Gardening Resource for your Home

Jenny's Garden aims to be a great resource for the average home gardener. You don't have to have a degree in Botany or a natural green thumb to grow some amazing looking plants and tasty herbs around your home.

The plants we will cover include annuals and perennials, aquatic plants, grasses, bulbs, rhizomes, cactus, succulents, foliage plants, fruit trees, herbs, landscaping trees, orchids, and vines.

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Interested in Creating an Outdoor Living Environment?

An outdoor living environment is simply crafting your backyard space to suit your relaxation, family, and guest entertainment needs. Designing a spa, pool, deck and patio cover along with strategic locations for gardening and landscaping, is what pool construction and remodeling companies offer to homeowners. In my recent talks with Blue Science of McKinney Texas, I learned how backyards are measured and 3D modeled to create a swimming pool design with all the desired features and upgrades a particular homeowner would desire. In the case of remodeling an existing pool, the modeling software will recreate what exists and show options for new pool surfaces, LED lighting installations, coping and tile upgrades, as well as pool features like slides, waterfalls and fountains. So if you have the backyard space and want more out of it, look for an outdoor living company in your area.