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Welcome to!
This is is a website filled with
information about different variety of plants, their growing conditions, planting zones and lovely plant images.
Many of the plants shown on my website are personally grown by me, Jenny, owner and an avid gardener. My passion for plants are immeasurable ever since I was little. This is a hobby which I treasure greatly in making this world a little prettier and atmosphere a little cleaner. Jenny's Garden has a good collection of plants that attracts butterflies, birds and bees. Among the plants grown are annuals and perennials, aquatic plants, bamboos and grasses, bulbs, rhizomes and tubers, cactus and succulents, foliage plants, fruit trees, groundcovers, herbs, landscaping trees and shrubs, orchids, vines and climbing plants.
Hope you enjoy your online tour of Jenny's Garden. Feel free to drop me a line if a certain plant should interest you. I would love to share my love of plants with you. Thank you.


Visit my friend's blog on BOH-MNS Centre at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. You can see lovely Tropical nature scenes, flora & fauna.


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