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Helianthus debilis

Helianthus debilis 
(Beach Sunflower, Dune Sunflower)

Origin:  Native to Florida
Family:  Asteraceae
Light:  Full sun
Height:  2-4'
Spacing:  2-4'
Bloom:  3" across, bright yellow with purple-brown disk, repeated, year round
Foliage:  4" long, semi-evergreen, glossy, toothed, irregular lobes 
Soil:  Well-drained, sandy, loamy, mildly acidic, neutral, mildly alkaline, drought tolerant
Water:  Low
Uses:  Xeriscaping, groundcover, border, container, Winter interest, cut flowers, butterfly garden, bee garden, bird garden, sidewalks, edging, coastal planting, dune planting, along a wall, rock garden
Propagation:  Seeds, stem cuttings

Comments:  Helianthus debilis or Beach Sunflower or Dune Sunflower  is a herbaceous subtropical perennial with a spreading  growth habit.  It is a native of Florida.  All year round, Helianthus debilis repeatedly produces small, bright yellow sunflower-like blossoms, followed later by seeds. Butterflies and bees are magnetized by the nectar-rich flowers while birds enjoy feasting on the seeds in the Fall.  The charming cut flowers make lovely decorations for the home or office.  Beach Sunflower has herbaceous semi-evergreen glossy leaves that are toothed and have irregular lobes.  It is easily propagated from stem cuttings or seeds.  It thrives best in well-drained, sandy, loamy, acidic, neutral or alkaline soil, in a sunny environment.  Dune Sunflower self sows readily so deadhead spent flowers to avoid having volunteer plants next season.  It also spreads by underground runners.   Dune Sunflower tolerates drought conditions hence it is excellent for xeriscaping.  It is low maintenance.  Beach Sunflower tolerates sea salt and is ideal for coastal areas.  Mass plant Helianthus debilis as exquisite groundcovers or as edging plants along walkways or borders for a cheery display.  It quickly fills up an area.  Use them in a rock garden or plant some along a wall, allowing them to cascade down the sides for an exquisite visual effect.  Provide sufficient room for Beach Sunflower to spread.  Fertilize during growth season for optimum performance. 
In its native habitat, it is often found growing along the beach and on sand dunes.  Helianthus debilis is an amazing pleaser and attracts foot traffic. 
USDA Zones:  8-11 images and gardening descriptions of Helianthus debilis  (Beach Sunflower, Dune Sunflower) growing in Jenny's Garden


Image of butterfly attractor, Helianthus debilis or Beach Sunflower or Dune Sunflower

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