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Eucomis Aloha Lily 'Leia'  (Pineapple Lily)

Origin:  Hybrid  (Introduced 2007)
Family:  Hyacinthaceae
Light:  Sun-part shade
Height:  0.5-1'
Spacing:  0.5-1'
Blooms:  Exotic, spikes, lavender-pink, fragrant, late Summer
Foliage:  Bright green, smooth, mottled
Soil:  Well-drained, neutral, tolerates drought
Water:  Regular-low
Propagation:  Seeds, offsets/bulb divisions

Comments:  Eucomis Aloha Lily 'Leia' or Pineapple Lily is a perennial bulb with a clumping growth habit.  It is an exotic hybrid introduced in 2007.  In late Summer or early Fall, Eucomis Aloha Lily 'Leia' produces charming spikes of fragrant lavender-pink florets, looking very much like pineapples; followed later by seeds.  The long lasting flowers make excellent fresh or dried floral arrangement.  Eucomis Aloha Lily 'Leia'  has bright green smooth, mottled foliage with wavy margiins.  It is easily propagated from seeds, offsets or bulb divisions.  Pineapple Lily thrives best in well-drained, neutral soil in a sunny to part shade environment.  It is low maintenance and is drought tolerant.  Mass Pineapple Lily 'Leia' in borders or as edging plants for a terrific display.  It can also be container cultivated.  Eucomis Aloha Lily 'Leia' is a charmer.  It attracts a lot of attention.

USDA Zones:  7-10 images and gardening descriptions of Eucomis Aloha Lily 'Leia'  (Pineapple Lily) growing in Jenny's Garden.

Image of Eucomis Aloha Lily 'Leia' or Pineapple Lily

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