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Callistephus chinensis 
(China Aster)

Synonyms:  Aster chinensis, Aster sinensis
Origin:  Native to China
Family:  Asteraceae (Daisy)
Light:  Full sun
Height:  2-3'
Spacing:   9"
Blooms:  Fragrant, in different colors of Apricot, Pale blue, pink, red or white, mid-Summer
Foliage:  Herbaceous, green, coarsely toothed, smooth, ovate,
Soil:  Well-drained, highly acidic
Water:  Regular
Uses:  Ornamental, annual, container, beds, cut flowers
Propagation:  Seeds

Comments:  Callistephus chinensis or China Aster or Astei chinensis or Aster sinensis is a showy annual with a branched growth habit.  It is a native o China and belongs to the daisy family.  In mid-Summer, Callistephus chinensis produces showy fragrant blossoms with a  yellow disc center; the flowers are in various colors of apricot, pale blue, pink, red and white, followed later by seeds.  The freshly cut flowers make a lovely bouquet.  China Aster is easily propagated from seeds.  It thrives best in well-drained, highly acidic soil in a sunny environment.  Aster chinensis is a self seeder so deadhead to avoid having volunteer plants next season.  Mass plant in beds for a dramatic and colorful display.  Aster sinensis can also be container cultivated for the sunny deck.  Deers would not go near this plant.  Callistephus chinensis is popularly cultivated by hobbyists for its ornamental beauty.  It looks delightful in the Summer landscape. image and gardening descriptions of Callistephus chinensis (China Aster) growing in Jenny's Garden

Image of Callistephus chinensis or China Aster or Aster chinensis or Aster sinensis

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